Great copy, made (much) simpler.

We'll handle all the copy you need for a fixed monthly subscription. Landing pages, ads, emails, and more delivered in sequence in under 72 hours. 

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Copy that works shouldn't be this hard

You ask for a piece. You writer tells you it'll be done "in five days", they say. Frustrated, you wait. But when you get it, you find it needs a few revisions. You ask for changes. "That will have budget implications."

You sigh and wish for a better way. And well, you've found it: the unlimited, 72-hour delivery copywriting agency.

Copy that works shouldn't be this hard

Instead of waiting 7 days, you wait 3 (at most).

Instead of handling dozens of invoices, you handle 1.

Instead of paying for revisions, you get everything under one fee.

This is the new and better way of hiring copywriters. Simpler, faster, and with quality guaranteed.

The old model is broken

  • 🦕 Freelance copywriters

    • ❌ Ask for new quotes
    • ❌ Revisions cost extra
    • ❌ Long delivery times
    • ❌ Dozens of invoices
    • ❌ Waste time reviewing profiles
  • 💫 Copydocks

    • ✅ Fixed fee
    • ✅ Unlimited revisions
    • ✅ 72 hour delivery
    • ✅ 1 invoice/month
    • ✅ Copy quality guaranteed

Meet a new kind of agency

No meetings, transparent pricing, and unlimited everything. Once you switch, you'll never go back.

  • Fully async

    No one likes meetings anyway. All work is handled through a Trello board.

  • 72 hour delivery

    From Monday to Friday, you can expect lightining-fast deliveries.

  • Fixed rate with no surprises

    No need to ask for quotes all the time. Our price is fixed and with no hidden surprises.

  • Unlimited everything

    Ask for as many requests and revisions as you want.

  • Copy that works

    All copy is made specifically for you, with solid practices and research backing it up.

  • No contracts or commitement

    There's no minimum commitement and you can cancel whenever you want.

All you need under one subscription

  • Email Sequences

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Ads

  • Landing Pages

  • Website Copy

  • Cold emails

  • LinkedIn Posts

  • Twitter Threads

All done through Trello

Keeping it simple. Submit new requests on Trello and get them done in a few days.

Copydocks product 1

Budget revisions, no more.

Ask for as much as you want - the price stays the same. Cancel whenever you want.

  • Unlimited Copy

    Unlimited requests, delivered one-by-one. Get any piece in under 72 hours. Cancel anytime.


Get copy that works. Faster.

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